Act 1, Curtain 1

  • (Regular form, whilst being kidnapped by Grubs) "Where is the Moon Goddess!? I demand to know where you have taken her! Ah, unhand me you louts, how dare you!"
  • (While in the Moon Bear King's throne room, before being turned into a pixie, off screen) "Stop this madness, I command you in the name of the Sun!"
  • (Getting turned into a pixie) "AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Uuggghhh!"
  • (In pixie form, right in the Moon Bear King's clutches, ticked off at this.) Oh my gosh, are you crazy? Do you know who I am?! Dad's gonna have a Supernova!"

Act 1, Curtain 3

  • (Being trapped in a Pixie sized cage) "Help! Somebody!"
  • (Still in said cage, seeing Kutaro for the first time) "Are you my knight in shining armor? Get me out of here! Now! AAAAAHHHHH"
  • (Pixie form, exiting Tiger's mouth) "Like, oh my gosh! That was so totally gross! I am covered in Tiger slobber, do you know how much I already pay for dry cleaning!? UGH!"
  • "Oh hey thanks for the help. Uh what was your again?"

Act 3, Curtain 3

  • Is Captain Airhead trying to blow us up, too?!
  • Get up, Kutaro! We're about to sleep with the fishes! Kutaro!

Act 4, Curtain 3

  • "I thought I was a Pikarina sandwich."
  • Knockout! Kutaro, you won!
  • Way to go, short stuff!

Act 5, Curtain 2

  • Omigosh, I'm serious! What about me!? You DO still have my other costume? Gonna presto change-o during the scene change or something? Right!? Hey! Are you trying to wreck my career!? So NOT cool. I have an image. You know what? Tell the manager that I've already called my agent AND lawyer! Tell him!

Act 7, Curtain 1

  • (During space chase, referring to the Martians) "They're hideous! Why are we always surrounded by ugly people?
  • (To the Sun) Thanks, Daddy. You saved our butts.

Act 7, Curtain 3

  • (Regular form, after the final battle) "Hush now, Little Bear. You have a friendship, and that is a ship that can sail anywhere! Once tight, always tight! (Giggles)"

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