Pirate Weaver
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Puppeteer (PS3)

"Yo ho! So we’ve a Weaver on our hands. Kutaro me lad, I’ll let you have the honor."
Captain Gaff

Pirate Weaver is the 4th Weaver Kutaro encounters, and the final boss of Act 3, Curtain 1. It was disguised as the top flag of the Jolly Lambham.


This weaver is pirate themed and is a mini mast covered in a big pirate captain hat. It has one eye in a helm at its center, wears a silver crown, and has a dead fish hanging from the bottom right side of its body. It also holds a sword on its far left.


  • In the beginning of Kutaro's fight with the Pirate Weaver, G Quotes:"As he faced the Weaver pirate atop the Lambham's mast, Kutaro could feel a wrathful animus pulsing through his new pirate hook. Its previous owner clearly had a score to settle." This suggest that the Pirate, one of the Four Heroes of the Moon was killed by this Weaver.