Ever since the Moon Goddess had vanished, and the Moon Bear King ruled, the denizens of the Moonwood hardly slept a wink in fear. But then they received a visitor, General Rat. He told all the creatures of the moonwood to gather around for he had the ailment to their problems! A special drink called Plum Elixir. He promised (among other things) that it will cure and disease and keep away the Moon Bear King's dark magic! and he offered to sell it to them for a reasonable price, as a neighborly gesture. The Moonwood inhabitants were overjoyed and relieved to have such a good friend looking out for them.

However, when they took the Plum Miraculixer, things turn to the worse, just as General Rat planned. Every one of those poor fools who drank it, turn monstrous and gross and well... quite mad. In Rat's words they were "Darkified". Rat later started spreading his Plum Elixir all over the land itself! Plant life turned dark with teeth, the waters became tainted, and even the cherished shrines of the Moonwood turned into living evil monsters. The Kappagaeru Mamma who lived in Lake Cedrus became so crazy from the Plum Miraculixer, that she tried to eat her own children. Luckily, Kutaro and Pikarina, who were chasing down that despicable rat, cleared up a lot of the moonwood from rats Plum Miraculixer and even helped the Kappagaeru mother. however after hearing that general rat plan's to deceive the Cedar Couple, the father and mother as well as source of life to the Moonwood into drinking his Plum Miraculixer. There was no time to lose!

While Kutaro and Pikarina dashed up the cedars in order to stop them from taking Rat's elixir, General Rat began to work his magic! He promised father cedar that his Plum Miraculixer would make his wife skinny again, and promised mother cedar that his Plum Miraculixer would clear up her husband's "odor problem". They unfortunately drank it which poisoned them horribly, if Kutaro and Pikarina didn't do something quick, the whole Moonwood would die! They eventually defeated General Rat, destroyed his machine he used to make Plum Miraculixer, and cured the Cedar Couple! When General Rat begged for forgiveness, he once again offered his Plum Miraculixer, claiming that its the reason the Moon Goddess was so beautiful and the Moon Bear King was so powerful. However, Pikarina quickly put an end to that, got the Moonstone from General Rat and they continued their adventure.

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