Welcome one and all! In accordance with the Puppeteer wiki and G himself, The Magical theatre is proud to present the Puppeteer Quiz! We hope you enjoyed "The Perilous Journey of a Boy Named Kutaro".

Now test how well you were paying attention. All of the following can be found on our wiki, but can you answer these questions WITHOUT looking them up? Will you accept the challenge? Are You a true fan? You're about to find out. each question is 1 point, add your total score to the Discussions.(Answers can be found by click the [+] sign)

1. What are the names of the three brother puppets seen in the background of several levels?
2. How many years had the Moon Bear King ruled the Moon Realm after the disappearance of the Moon Goddess?
Answer; Three years
3.How old is Kutaro?
Answer; 8 years old.
4. What is the full name of the narrator of Puppeteer, better known as G?
Answer; Professor Gregorious T. Oswald
5. In order to use Calibrus one of two conditions must be filled, what are the two conditions?
Answer; A heart as pure as the Moon Goddess or magic as pernicious as the Moon Bear King
6.Long ago Four heroes rose up to stop the Moon Bear King and nearly succeeded if it wasn't for the Knight, what was the reason the knight failed to defeat the Moon Bear King?
Answer; He was a hopeless coward.
7 How did Kutaro find out about the Knight's Shield?
Answer; Overheard General Tiger mention it.
8. Name all of The Twelve Generals in order of defeat,
Answer; 1:General Tiger, 2:General Rat, 3:General Snake, 4:General Pig and Sheep, 5:General Horse, 6:General Bull, 7:General Dog, 8:General Rabbit, 9:General Rooster, 10:General Dragon, 11:General Monkey

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