Many races, tribes and species inhabit the Universe. Many of these creatures are magical creatures from the myths and legends of Earth.

Races, Species and Tribes


Puppets are the wooden servants of the Moon Bear King. They are actually the souls of children from the Earth. They are prone to loosing their heads. Without a head, a puppet will die. They can use many different heads.


Grubs are small, purple creatures that serve the Moon Bear King. They are made with children's Souls.


One of the most common species in the Universe. They are the dominant species on Earth and inhabit parts of the Moonwoods, Wild Wastes and Moonshine Sea. They posses no magic at all.


Talking, humanoid animals inhabit the many lands of the Moon. The most notable animals are Ying-Yang, the Moon Bear King and his generals.


Frog-like creatures with turtle shells on their backs. They inhabit the waters of the Moonwood.


They account for 30% of the Hallowee Ville population. Their weakness is light. Nebula is an example of a ghost character.

Moon Yeti

The Moon Yeti or yeti's are ape-like creatures that live in the Mean Moon Mountains. They were the evolution of an ancient race who took a spill while skiing and very strangely got stranded on the moon, were they evolved into the first moon yeti.


Pixies are flying fairy-like creatures that appear in Puppeteer. The only pixie known is the cursed form of Princess Pikarina. It's unknown if pixies are her ladies-in-waiting. It's possible if their are any pixies in the solar system, Earth, or the Moon Realm.


they are the planets of the solar system and beyond. It seems that the planets have unique bodies with heads shaped like the planets, though some of them don't have bodies like the solar planets in Beaming Beauty.

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