• "Somebody help!"
  • "Oh please, anybody! I'm afraid of ghosts!"
  • "Gee, thanks. I'm fine with crows, but ghosts scare me out of my britches."
  • "Pardon? Oh, well y'all are on the outskirts of Hallowee Ville. Cozy place, till the Moon Bear King's generals came along and did stuff to the local pumpkins."
  • "That's right. They made it so SNACKS sprout all over'em."
  • "Ooh! I hope you didn't all eat' em! Because the townsfolk that did all turned into horrible monsters. "Just desserts," ya might say."
  • "Try "dogs" General Dog. He's all that stops us from runnin' for the hills."
  • "I'm sick of these ghosts."
  • "Ghost!"
  • "Ah, make it stop. Just beat the straw out of me and be done with it."

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