Kutaro's soul being revived by the power of Moonsparkles.


Puppeteer (PS3)

The Moon Bear King, in an effort to maintain his new tyrannical rule over the Moon Realm, has been stealing souls from sleeping children every night for the past three years for various nefarious purposes. Some to become puppets like Kutaro to serve as his slaves, others to use to make his personal army of Grubs and Weavers or even as a great source of power. Whenever Kutaro defeats a Grub or Weaver, a purple balloon with a soul within it will pop out their bodies and when he uses Calibrus to cut the string, the soul will be free and returns to their bodies on Earth. Freeing souls is bound to help Kutaro on his journey home, assuming he can survive his daring-dos to free the Moon Realm first.


Souls appear in light purple balloons with swirls, the soul that flies away when freed by Kutaro are white. When freeing an already freed soul, the balloons appear gray.


  • There are 592 souls in the whole game, excluding the souls General Dragon stole for the Moon Bear King.
  • It was not the Moon Bear King whole stole souls, but General Dragon who stole them on the tyrants behalf. The Moon Bear King might not even have the ability to steal souls.