The Moby
Pig and Sheep's whale-modeled Sub: The Moby!


Moonshine Sea


Puppeteer (PS3)

The Moby is the Personal submarine ship of General Pig and Sheep, built by General Monkey.


It was used to escape from Kutaro, Pikarina and Captain Gaff after they took back the Jolly Lambham. Later, after helping the God of the Sea, they met-up with Captain Gaff, who was trying to sink the Moby. However, Kutaro and Pikarina ended up swallowed by the Moby, were inside Kutaro learned to use his new ability from the God of the sea, and damage the Moby from the inside, while Gaff damaged it from the outside with bombs. The Moby was eventually destroyed, with Kutaro and Pikarina saved by escape through the blow-hole. However, Pig and Sheep were blown to the sky, where they parachuted to safety to Crab Claw Cove.


  • The Moby is obviously based on Moby-Dick, the white whale in the novel by Herman Melville.
  • On the front of the Moby, there is a red classic crossbones Jolly Roger, that shows a monkey head instead of a skull. This is hinting and a little foreshadowing on General Monkey being the creator of the Moby.