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Moonshine Sea

 The Three Mermaids are mystical sea creatures that live at the Undersea palace with the God Of The Sea. They love to sing.


They all seem exactly the same, part from there hair and eyes. One has long blond hair with a green starfish clip and blue eyes, one has long black hair, wears a golden crown and has black eyes, and one has brown pony tail and matching eyes. Otherwise they appear as beautiful, slender mermaids with pale skin, long, slim bodies, seashell tops and long striped, blue and green tails with long bright blue fins.

During the song of the Kraken, the Mermaids wear fake, pale red tentacles on their heads, arms and tails.


The mermaids were some of the mystical inhabitants of the Moonshine Sea's briny depths. They lived in a castle under the sea with the God of the Sea. Unfortunately, the god's trident had been stolen. Knowing that a gaggle of sea monsters could be trouble, the Moon Bear King filled the Moonshine Sea with magic oil.

When Kutaro and Pikarina entered the sea palace, they found the God of the Sea. The three Mermaids lay on the sea bed. Like the sea god, the mermaids' strength had been sapped by the magic oil. The God of the Sea, in his weakened form, could barely say a word. Then the Mermaids burst into song, explaining how the Trident had been stolen by the Kraken. They then sent Kutaro and Pikarina to the Kraken's lair on one of the god's squid.

After Kutaro retrieved the trident, the God of the Sea healed the Moonshine Sea. The Mermaids, burst into song, thanking Kutaro and Pikarina. However, now that they were back to normal, they wouldn't stop singing until the God of the Moonshine Sea told them to shut up. After the god gave Calibrus a new power, the three Mermaids sent Kutaro and Pikarina on a squid to the surface.

Powers and Abilities

The Three Mermaids can breathe, speak and sing with ease underwater. They are also strong, powerful and very fast swimmers. They can speed and dash through the water with their blue, green tails. They can also communicate with sea creatures. They are also strong, shown when they were able to hold a large squid, Pikarina and Kutaro as if they were as light as a feather. They are also excellent singers.


  • They and there singing could be referencing or be parody of the little mermaid.
  • They could also be a reference to the sirens, three water nymphs whose songs lured sailors to their doom.
  • The Three Mermaids seem to dislike Pikarina, maybe because she started to sing during their song.
  • Their color scheme is very similar to the mermaids in the Disney movie Peter Pan.
  • The mermaids always sing and never speak.