Unlike other characters, the Mermaids only speak in song. The complete lyrics sheet is posted here.


The Mermaids lay on the ground till the moments involving singing, which they constantly break into. most of it is them singing. it starts when Pikarina and Kutaro reach the undersea palace and ask, what is up?

  • Water's up [water's up] bin the underwater palace🎵
  • 'sposed to be the sea-god's home and free from greed and malice🎵
  • where the water's clean enough to see into the stratos...phere!🎵
  • we're glad you're here!🎵

(after Pikarina ask what was that and mentions the sorry sate the god of the sea is in, he responds...trident! Pikarina then replying trident? oh like a pointy spear.)

  • pointy spears [pointy spears]🎵
  • yes' a trident [it's called a trident!]🎵
  • triple-pronged and extra long, the sea-gods pride and joy, and🎵
  • pointy ears [pointy ears?] are something else [belongs to elves!]🎵
  • ...the trident could banish evil,🎵
  • but it's gone.🎵
  • the moon bear king [yes, the moon bear king] knew the trident had been stolen🎵
  • and his oil springs mad the ocean black as tar🎵
  • and the sea couldn't even stop it' 'cause his powers, they were barred...🎵

(Pikarina ask who stole the trident? expecting it to be pig and sheep, to which the god of the sea reply's...kraken!)

  • kraken, kraken, kraken, kraken...🎵
  • OH, the legendary horror, how it chills my scales🎵
  • seized the trident with the force of eighteen hundred tails🎵
  • kraken! [kraken!} before whom every other monster pales!🎵

(the god of the sea then looking at Kutaro and reply's: a hero....with scissors.)

  • a hero with scissors will save us! He's a wizard🎵
  • with Calibrus He'll bushwhack🎵
  • the kraken!🎵
  • and get the trident back because....🎵
  • the sea-god needs your help, great hero! and your pixie friend🎵
  • pretty please, we're on our knees! okay, we don't have legs🎵
  • Pikarina: were on the job! after al, you guys were robbed,🎵
  • and anyway he is a hero🎵
  • not a zero, wait that rhyme's already played,🎵
  • and by the way! im not a pixie,🎵
  • im the daughter off the sun🎵
  • we fight as one! for truth and justice!🎵
  • all the moon bear's jerks!🎵
  • Back to mermaids singing: that's great, you big mouth! now get to work🎵
  • (gasp! see if I join your musical number again.)
  • Narrator Voice: Kutaro...he's the hero of the moon🎵
  • on his way to send the kraken to his doom?🎵
  • but will he win? to say, its much too soon!🎵
  • Kutaro, he's the hero....of.....this.....tune!🎵

(then at the end of the level, after kutaro defeats the kraken and takes back the trident. he and pikarana meet up with the god of the sea. after returning it to him, and he uses it to fix the sea, the creatures and himself, the mermais sing....)

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