The Trident
The Kraken holding the Trident.


Puppeteer (PS3)


Moonshine Sea

The Trident is the scared tool of the God Of The Sea, and the source of his power. He ruled the Moonshine Sea using the Trident and protected the sea from the Moon Bear King's magic and forces! However, sometime after the Moon Bear King's rule, the trident was stolen by the Kraken! Thereby, darning away all of the God Of The Sea's powers and leaving the Moonshine Sea practically defenseless and open to Generals Pig and Sheep and their Magic Oil, which they used to pollute and change the Moonshine Sea. But in the end, Kutaro and Pikarina dealt with the Kraken, defeated him and taking back the Trident, and returning it to its rightful owner the God Of The Sea, which he not only used to clean the sea of the cursed magic oil, but also bestow a new power to Kutaro by adding some of the Trident's own magic in Calibrus.

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