Act 1

  • Lovely. Another dunce who left his head in the Mewn Bear King's belly. Listen, you're going to drop dead if you go without a head.
  • And I'll be the one stuck with cleanup. Come on, let's find something else you can use....a substitute head...
  • What's rattling around in there?
  • It's a Headpot. Purr-haps I'll help myself...
  • Ah ha ha. This should do nicely.
  • You're all set.
  • Remember those Headpots. They may 'be weird, But they flap around with lots of useful heads. But one little touch, and they'll drop their stash.
  • You know, a new-kid-on-the-chopping-block like you ought to have a couple of noggins at least. Can't take any chances.
  • oh. There's another one.
  • See? Just like I said.

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